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Director General

Victor Nikolayevich Lesh

Victor Nikolayevich Lesh, STM JSC Director General. 


Born in 1972. Graduated from the Ural Technical University (Ural Federal University, nowadays), qualified as process engineer. From 1997 till 2007 held executive positions in Nasostechmash, United Heavy Machinery Plants (Mining Equipment Division), Oil and Gas Systems TPK.

From 2007 till 2016: Director General in Elecrotyazhmash-Privod (Privod Lysva Heavy Electric Machinery Plant) and Baranchinsky Electromechanic Plant - Driven Equipment and Technologies MC.

In May, 2016 he was appointed as the First Deputy Director General in Sinara-Transport Machines. From January 20, 2017 - Director General in STM.