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31 May 2021 Sinara Transport Machines Has Fulfilled an Order for Production of 125 PM-820 Platforms for the Russian Railways

In the first quarter of 2021, the Yaroslavl plant Remputmash has manufactured 125 universal platforms PM-820 with unified removable equipment for transporting assembled rail and sleeper packages. The machines have been tested and shipped to the customer (which is the Russian Railways, JSC). The equipment in question is planned to be used at the polygons of the Krasnoyarsk, the Sverdlovsk and the West Siberian Railways.

“In 2021, the Yaroslavl plant started commercial production of one of the PM-820 platform largest components - a portal for unified removable equipment designed to hold the assembled rail and sleeper packs and fix limiting chains. Previously, the portals were ordered from some third-party suppliers. Increasing the scope of competencies is one of the primary tasks of our company,” commented Dmitry Morichev, acting executive director of the Yaroslavl plant Remputmash.

Besides, two PM-820 platforms were manufactured for testing required to extend the Certificate of Compliance of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU). The previous certificate expires in 2021. The platforms have successfully passed the certification tests at the factory, and now they are to be tested at the Belorechensk polygon (the Krasnodar Region).

The Yaroslavl plant has been producing PM-820 platforms for more than ten years. The platform is designed for transporting materials and equipment at repair of railway tracks, which makes it relevant for on-going production. The carrying capacity is 63 tons, and the service life is over thirty years. The unified removable equipment (URE) on the platforms is used to transport assembled rail and sleeper packages with rail length of 12.5 m and 25 m. A customer receives from the enterprise the turn-key self-contained trains ready for work.