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9 April 2021 Sinara Transport Machines Supplies TEM9 Locomotives to Industrial Enterprises

Sinara Transport Machines Holding carries out projects on construction and supply of series TEM9 shunting and clean-up diesel locomotives to industrial enterprises operating in production of white cement and commercial iron.

In the first case, TEM9 locomotives will be produced for Cemix and LB Minerals, which are part of an Austrian-based manufacturer Lasselsberger Group. The TEM9 locomotives will be involved in the entire production chain, from extraction of raw materials to shipment of finished products at two industrial sites of the holding in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Abzelilovsky District). The first locomotive will be handed over to the customer already in May, and the second one is scheduled to be shipped in August of this year. According to an established practice, both locos will be painted in the customer corporate colors. The future locomotives configuration assumes the most comfortable operating conditions. The locomotives will be fitted with additional features, including: a KVARTA fuel consumption metering system with a GLONASS navigation module, anti-skid protection, the ability to work in emergency modes, as well as a heating system for the entire locomotive (that ensures continuous operation throughout the year).

The second project was carried out as part of the Tulachermet JSC program for renovation of their locomotive fleet. The company produces various iron grades for foundries and steel works. According to a special order of Tulachermet, the new shunting locomotives are equipped with additional operator’s cab heat and noise insulation to ensure a higher level of comfort. The piping system also received additional protection from external factors. In total, STM delivered 4 diesel locomotives according to the contract. The first two locomotives were handed over to the customer in winter, and the last two machines were dispatched at the end of March. Diesel locomotives were also painted in blue corporate colors of the company. It should be noted that STM has a long history of cooperation with Tulachermet. Previously, the holding supplied diesel locomotives of TGM4b series to the company.

“We understand how important it is for manufacturing companies to get efficient intra-plant logistics up and running. It is the factor that impacts a company smooth operation, allowing the fulfillment of their approved production plans on time. We are happy that the choice was made in favor of our locomotives. When creating each diesel locomotive, we introduce individual features in its design so that the final product would fully meet the customer’s wishes. A number of such changes were made in the locos for Lasselsberger Group and Tulachermet,” said Anton Zubikhin, CEO of STM Trading House.

The prototype of TEM9 shunting locomotive designed by STM Center of Innovation Development was produced by Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant (LTZ, part of STM Holding) in 2009. Used both for the needs of Russian Railways and private industrial enterprises, the locomotive has proven itself well and today it is one of the most demanded machines on the Russian market of shunting and clean-up equipment. At the end of 2020, LTZ produced its jubilee 150th locomotive.

International holding Lasselsberger Group is one of the European leaders in production of raw materials, building materials and ceramic tiles. The main activity of the company is supported by the work of three divisions responsible for extraction of raw materials and their processing, production of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware, and production of white cement and dry mortars. The factories of the holding are located in many European countries, including Russia.

Tulachermet JSC is one of the world's largest producers of commercial iron. The plant produces over 20 various Russian iron grades for steel works and foundries, seven of which are the grades of conversion pig iron, and the remaining 13 are the grades of foundry cast iron. It belongs within the Industrial and Metallurgical Holding.